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Trackunit Product Portal
Trackunit Product Portal

Trackunit's Product Portal is the place to see what we are planning and building and what has been launched in the Trackunit platform.

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We believe that providing transparency for our customers and the industry accelerates collaboration on our mission to Eliminate Downtime. By providing this view directly into the Trackunit engine room, we are able to share our roadmap with our customers, and confidently align our product and customer vision.

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How to use the Product Board

Select a tab, then explore the product cards. Click on any card to see:

  • A description of the feature

  • The problem it will solve, value it offers

  • Further details on use and operation

Bring YOUR voice to the table by providing your insights and feedback on upcoming features:

  • Select how important this feature is to you

  • Tell with your words which value will this give you and what problem it will help you solve

  • Fill in your email and submit

Confirm your feedback in the email we will sent you, and your feedback will land directly with our Product Team. Next time around you are logged-in and can provide feedback fast on all future product features.

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💡 Tip:

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