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Applying a CAN profile in Verify
Applying a CAN profile in Verify

Get more information from your units with CAN profiles.

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Note: Before you can add a CAN profile to your unit you need to get access to CAN profiles and be comfortable using Trackunit Verify.

To get access to selected CAN profiles, reach out to our Customer Support team, by opening the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and clicking on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

Apply a CAN profile

  1. Use your Trackunit Manager account details to sign in

  2. Enter your device serial number and click Find

  3. Scroll down and find CAN Profile

  4. Select the desired profile in the drop-down menu

  5. Click Save to apply the CAN profile to the device

can profile.png

select can profile.png

The CAN profile will be sent to the device and provided the device is wired correctly and the profile matches the machine’s controller, you will receive CAN data in Trackunit Manager within 5 – 10 minutes. The machine needs to be operating for data to come in.

You can see impending device updates in Verify. If an update has been initiated on the CAN profile you will see a Pending state to the right on the profile. This applies to devices ME50x or above (TU600), that are operating on firmware version 63.08 or higher, and are running on the Iris gateway.

CAN pending state.png

Note: if you apply a CAN profile to a device and you expect Engine Hours to be provided in the CAN data, you must not apply a value to Engine Hours in Verify. If you enter a value manually, that value will be added or subtracted from the hours provided by CAN into Trackunit Manager.

Applying CAN profiles should only be done after careful instructions from Customer Support as applying the wrong CAN profile in rare cases can influence machine operation negatively. For more information.

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