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How do I edit the transmission intervals of my Spot unit in Manager Classic?
How do I edit the transmission intervals of my Spot unit in Manager Classic?

Use Manager Classic to customize your Spot unit's transmission intervals to your needs

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Spot settings in Manager Classic

Interval in hours

The unit wakes up at regular intervals to send data. This interval is set to 24 hours by default. It can be configured to send data every 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, or 48 hours.

Wake up time

The unit wakes up at this hour to send data. From then on it will send data according to the chosen interval.


The unit will transmit data when movement is detected by one of the following events:

  • Accelerometer detects vibration

  • Speed of the unit (data from GPS) is equal to or higher than 12 km/h or 7 mph

  • Unit was woken up by accelerometer and sleep time was shorter than 30 minutes

After movement detection the unit will wake up every hour to determine if the unit is still in motion. It will keep doing so, until the unit is at a standstill. Pings will only be sent for 5 consecutive moves. After that the unit will be silent. When determined that the unit has stopped another ping will be sent.


The unit will transmit data every 15 minutes for 4 hours. This happens according to the chosen wake up time and interval.

Battery replaced

The estimated battery level is reset to 100%.

Edit Spot settings in Manager Classic

Sign in to Trackunit Manager.

  1. Go to Manager Classic

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Fleet

  4. Select the unit you want to edit from the Fleet view and click Edit

  5. Edit the Spot settings to your preference

  6. Click Save

Note: Changes to the Spot unit settings will take effect the next time the unit transmits data. A new preactivated unit will continue to display “settings not active on the unit” until the wake up time lets the unit configure itself.

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