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How do I install a Raw unit?
How do I install a Raw unit?

Do you need to install a Raw unit? Follow these steps to ensure optimal conditions for the unit.

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Mount the Trackunit Raw with the unit's serial number facing away from the machine or vehicle. The unit's serial- and GSM number is also found on the box label.


Install the Raw unit outdoors for optimal GPS and GSM/UMTS signal.


For optimal conditions mount the unit horizontally or vertically and avoid mounting the unit directly under a layer of metal or next to wiring. TU600 units must be installed at a minimum distance of 20 cm/7.87 inches from the operator of the machine or vehicle.


Make sure that the wires are connected in accordance with the installation documentation. Consult the machine or vehicle guidelines for correct wiring. If possible, connect the Raw unit to the machine's CAN bus to get full machine insight.

Installation Example with Access Control

Verify your Trackunit

Once the installation process is complete, sign in to to review the installation and set up the unit.

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