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Platform Security FAQ

Learn more about Trackunit's IoT platform, Iris and our Security Principles

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All of Trackunit's products run on our purpose-built IoT platform, Iris. Iris is designed specifically for the construction industry. When you are receiving real-time insights into to your connected fleet - whether through Trackunit Manager or one of our apps - that is Iris in action. The diagram below shows some of the many responsibilities that Iris covers.


With such a key position in our telematics solution, and so much data flowing through, it is critical that Iris is secure and robust. That’s why security is a cornerstone of our entire company. Iris and all Trackunit products are designed and developed according to the following security principles.

Our Security Principles

  1. We keep our platform secure. Your data is in our platform. Therefore, we are committed to continuous scanning, monitoring and updating our platform.

  2. We encrypt data from your machine and phone all the way to the Iris platform (encryption in motion)

  3. We encrypt data with disk level encryption (encryption at rest)

  4. We engage with leading cybersecurity vendors to conduct third party penetration testing of our solution to verify that we get it right - and help us fix it when we don’t

  5. We know you depend on us for your business, that’s why we have engineers on duty 24/7/365 to keep the Trackunit Iris platform running smoothly

  6. We provide extensive security and data ethics training to all developers working on our solutions and we employ ethical hackers on our staff

  7. We treat personal data in accordance with GDPR and store all Identity management data in a state of the art SOC2, ISO27001, ISO27018, FED-RAMP, CSA Level2 certified Identity management system

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my data encrypted?

Yes, all your data is stored and transmitted securely.

The current generation of Trackunit hardware (50x-60x series) supports SSL (DTLS1.2) using the NIST recommended AES-GCM encryption. Services on Iris (Trackunit Manager, Trackunit Go, etc.) and Iris communicate via secure REST interfaces using HTTPS encryption.

Where is Iris hosted?

Iris is primarily hosted on public cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services, Ireland region), with some services running in private cloud data centers in Denmark.

What is the uptime of Iris?

All Iris components are deployed in redundant configurations that allow for dynamic scaling and updating. This minimizes the risk of downtime or data loss due to failures or maintenance.

We continuously monitor the Iris platform with a broad range of probes, covering both user scenarios and critical functions in the platform, Trackunit Manager, and our mobile applications.
If an anomaly or failure is detected, our engineering team is immediately and automatically notified, allowing for speedy recovery and remediation of the issue. We have engineers on call 24/7/365.

You can always see the current status of all Trackunit systems, including Iris, at

Here, you can also see any current or past issues, as well as sign up for notifications.

Who can access my data?

Permissions and access to your connected assets are managed by you. Users can only see the assets they have been granted access to. This can be your entire fleet or only a few select assets.

Trackunit access to Iris data stores and services is strictly limited to staff who need access for professional purposes, and access is only possible through a secure VPN with multi-factor-authentication (MFA).

How does the Kin Bluetooth network work?

Kin devices (ruggedized bluetooth-enabled “tags”) are tracked using nearby Trackunit RAW units and mobile apps. We use the network connection of the device to transmit tag data.
The GPS location of the detecting device combined with various algorithms is used to infer the location of the Kin tag.

When a device sees a nearby tag, and a local bluetooth connection is established, the device receives data packages from the tag, which are then encrypted and forwarded to the Iris platform. The Iris platform ensures that the received package is stored only in the account associated with the tag. No information is stored in the device account.

If one of your tags transmits data through a phone or unit that does not belong to you, you receive no information about the phone or unit. Conversely, the owner of the phone or unit receives no information about your tag - not even that it has transmitted data.

Is Trackunit GDPR compliant?

At Trackunit we are committed to your privacy, and we are fully GDPR compliant. You can read Trackunit's Privacy Principles and Privacy Policy here

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